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Important Information: Meltdown and Spectre Impact on Node.js


Node.js Website



Latest LTS Version: 8.11.1 (includes npm 5.6.0) - Released 2018-03-29

Latest Current Version: 9.11.1 (includes npm 5.6.0) - Released 2018-04-05

Node.js Downloads

Node.js Release Schedule


Node.js GitHub Page



Node.js Documentation


Mailing Lists

Node.js Main Mailing List

Node.js Security Announcements Mailing List


General Information

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime.

It is built on Google's Chrome V8 open-source JavaScript engine

It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

It primarily uses the npm package ecosystem.

Node.js is supported by the Node.js Foundation



Node.js Tutorial - W3Schools

Introduction to Node.js - edX (online course)

Node.js Online Courses at Udemy 




Node.js Videos


Additional Information

npm Package Manager for JavaScript Website

Node.js Wikipedia Page

Node.js Foundation GitHub Organization Page

Node.js on Heroku

Node.js on Reddit

Azure for Node.js developers - Tutorials, API Reference from Microsoft Docs

Node.js on Google Cloud Platform


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